WordCamp Montreal 2009

Things are shaping up, we have a date and will announce location soon… looking for volunteers to help with the event, leave a comment here if you want to give us a hand. This will be held during Montreal Jazz Festival in July.

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  1. jeremyclarke says:

    Hey man, as I said on Twitter I’d love to help on all levels with this. I’ve been to and spoke at SF and NY in 2008 and would love to speak at this as well.

    Are you having any organizational meetings about it?

    One thing, it seems that WP prefers that people use the MU system at wordcamp.org rather than setting up their own sites, and its super nice and stuff. Have you talked to them about getting montreal.wordcamp.org? It’s probably worth setting that up from the beginning rather than setting up infrastructure elsewhere. I can do manage that site if you’d like :)

  2. Since I got the request from Automattic to do this in July, I have slowed down a bit the kickstarting of the event, but there will be a meeting for the organisation team in feb/mar (and communication infrastructure to set everything up before then).

    So yes, since you raise your hand, you are in this org for sure!

  3. I will also investigate the option of being under the wordcamp.org domain, I’m all for easier too.

  4. Hey – would love to be part of the event as well – we could present a few business cases using the WP platform that we tweaked with 25+ plugins!

    Keep us in the loop :)

  5. Andrea says:

    I would be interested in exchanging ideas regarding multilingual WordPress. However, I’m away until July 5th, so I may miss the whole thing. :-(


  6. Count me in with some iXmedia and Opossum’s collegues!

  7. I would be interested in helping out with WordCamp Montreal 2009.

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  9. I would be pleased to help if I can. I have helped with many other events over the years, and am currently at Wordcamp Toronto this week.


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  11. SimonJ says:

    Keep me in the loop about this wordcamp please

    Our newspaper is totally wordpress since the 2006. We stopped printing paper in february and we are now 100% on the web.

    P.S. Do you plan to have some french activities ?



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