Want to join the WordCamp Montreal Organizing Team?

Are you enthusiastic, self-motivated and have good communication skills? Would you enjoy working as part of a diverse, bilingual and collaborative team? We’re looking for two members of the WordPress Montreal Community to join the team of volunteers who organize WordCamp Montreal and the various Community Meetups throughout the year.

There are two key roles to be filled, each requiring their own set of skills and commitments:

WordCamp Montreal Marketing and Promotion
This individual will be responsible for making sure people know about WordCamp. The measure of success will be ticket sales.

A big part of that is feeding our social media, meetup.com page, websites, and newsletter channels. Some content is mandatory, like posts about our sponsors, and others are to build interest and engagement (speaker spotlight, announcements, fun facts about WordCamp, reminders). This year is special since it’s our 10th anniversary, so depending what is planned in this regard you might be asked to prepare a press release etc.

You don’t have to be bilingual, since we have an in-house translator, but you must be comfortable using or learning to use Basecamp, WordPress, FB, Twitter, Mailchimp, and Meetup.com. You would also work with the Meetup Coordinator to publicize meetups throughout the year.

WordCamp Montreal Venue Logistics and Monthly Meetup Coordinator
This individual will be responsible for on-site logistics before and during WordCamp, and also for organizing Community monthly meetups throughout the year. The measure of success will be a smoothly run WordCamp and a meetup happening each month of the year.

For on-site WordCamp logistics, you’ll be helping make sure everything, like the food, signage, and swag are in place prior to the event. You’ll be hands-on during the event to troubleshoot where necessary, like liaising with food deliveries and the Concordia staff.

As Monthly Meetup Coordinator you would be responsible for making sure some format of meetup (presentation, Happiness Bar, panel discussion, social, Christmas Party etc.) happen each month. This would include suggesting meetup ideas, finding participants, arranging a venue, publicizing the event beforehand, being present on the night and publishing a brief summary afterwards. You should be bilingual and must be comfortable using or learning to use Basecamp, WordPress, FB, Twitter, Mailchimp, and Meetup.com. You would work with the Marketing and Promotion individual to publicize these meetups.


Being part of the team:
We’re an extremely collaborative team who work together on all aspects of WordCamp and Meetups, so you will never be left alone to fulfill your role. Big decisions are taken as a group and we will always strive to support one-another to achieve the overall goal.

Communication is mostly through Basecamp (written), but we do have weekly Skype calls beginning about 8 weeks before WordCamp (11-12th August) and an in-person debrief shortly after the event.

By joining the team you will have responsibility for a specific part of the organization and will be expected to take the initiative in fulfilling that role.


If you’re interested, please use the form below to submit some information about yourself, your skill-set and your familiarity with WordCamp and the WordPress Montreal Community.