April 29: Harness the Power of Time Travel with Version Control

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Harness the Power of Time Travel with Version Control

Have you ever accidentally deleted a few lines of code that brought your WordPress theme into a bleak empty white page with no way of recovering the lost code? With revision control, travelling back in time is a breeze. Join Alex Dankoff and journey through time and space, using revision control as our Tardis.

See how quickly you can become the Time Lord of your WordPress code, creating alternate time branches and merging these multi-verse timescapes back into a single unified code base. Have you dreamt of a world where alternate realities of your code can coexist in multiple environments? Where travelling a year back in time through your code was as easy as a single command? A world where all of your code exists in a single space and can be collaborated on and shared quickly and easily? Perhaps the Doctor Who analogy is a bit much, but you get the gist.

In this session, Alex will guide you through setting up a project in GitHub and Bitbucket, from account creation and key generation to branching, committing and pushing code. Your world will never be the same.

Alex Dankoff is a senior PHP and front-end web developer with a decade of interactive marketing experience, creating innovative user experiences and complex system architectures for start-ups and multinationals.

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