Full Schedule and Attendee List available, 2 days ’till WordCamp!

We’re getting really close! Are you ready for WordCamp? Here’s some help just in case.


The full daily and hourly schedule of talks and breaks is now available on our site. It’s pretty final at this point but might be changed slightly leading up to the event. Note that there will be coffee and snacks both mornings and lunch the first day but not the second day.

List of registered attendees

Want to learn about your fellow WordPress fans before the event? Figure out who you want to meet and talk to (and maybe who to avoid 😛 )? Check out the attendee list. It’s got pictures of most people and links to everyones blogs. Might also be a good place to look after the event to get in touch with that person you met who’s name you forgot.

BYOL: Bring Your Own Lanyard

bring your own lanyard to wcmtl

Okay, so I priced different namebadge solutions and it turned out the nice fancy clippy ones are like 4$ each which would mean over 500$ for everyone at WordCamp. That seemed like a bad way to spend money (compared to, say, coffee) so we went for some pretty cheap ones and kept the money for something else. I was thinking, don’t you already have a ton of fancy old lanyards at home from other conferences? If you do bring them in and you can put your WordCamp namebadge in it for the weekend. It saves the conference money and we’ll have way more diversity, so everyone wins. (Of course this is optional, the ones we have are fine).

Ticket sales will close thursday night – Registration available at the venue

We’ll be closing the online registration tonight so that we have time to print out a list of registrants, but the SAT is big and we’ll still have space for walk-ins. You’ll be able to register at the door with cash only. We also can’t guarantee t-shirts and swag bags for walk-ins but hopefully there will be enough to go around.

See everyone there!