This company called Adobe sent us some prizes to give away, maybe you’ve heard of them?

Not all companies we approach about sponsorship want to give us money, some of them would rather give us thousands of dollars worth of their merchandise instead. To those greedy companies we have only one thing to say: « Thank you sir, please give us more next year! »

Adobe is a perfect example. At this year’s WordCamp we will be giving away enough multimedia software to start an agency. The following donated packages will be raffled off randomly to people present at the time (hint: stay till the end of the day guys!)

Thanks for the stuff Adobe, everyone already knows who you are and that your products are as pro as it gets, now they can see how generous you are on top of it all.

P.S. There’s only one way to win these prizes, as well as the 1$ hosting and iPads from Netfirms: Register now!