WordCamp Montreal 2011 – Announcing date (July 9-10) and early-bird ticket sale

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Note: The Montreal WordPress Community has a new site and a new URL. Read the « About wpmtl.org » page to learn about the new website structure.

After a dynamic first public meeting with and an online survey of the community (check that link to see a summary of the results) we, the core planning group, are ready to announce the vital facts about WordCamp Montreal 2011:

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The 2011 website (permanently available at http://wcmtl.org) is still in progress and most of the details still need to be worked out but now is the time to start getting excited and getting involved!

This is the year you finally impress us with your speaking abilities!

We are starting early this year to ensure that you have time to consider, plan and prepare your talks and presentations, so don’t put it off ’till it’s too late. Check out our speaker guidelines and information, then apply to speak today!

Sponsors needed, support the local WordPress community!

Another reason we’re starting early is to give potential sponsors enough headway to work us into their budgets. A WordCamp sponsorship is a great investment and a super-affordable one compared to other conferences. If you are a business please consider sponsoring us this year and if you work at one please convince your boss to do so! Read about why sponsoring WordCamp is awesome, then contact us to express interest and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Will there be micro-sponsorships again this year? YES!

Like last year we will be offering a limited number of 200$ micro-sponsorships designed for freelancers and tiny companies that still want to help make WordCamp a success. They can already be purchased on the eventbrite page, just buy the micro-sponsor ticket instead of normal registration. Thanks to everyone who can find the cash to help us out!

Stay tuned for more details

We’re working hard to ensure this is the best WordCamp Montreal yet, so please keep in touch and let us know if you have questions. You can get updates via our Twitter account and by joining the facebook group. The RSS for this blog is also an excellent thing to follow 🙂