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I got a really sensible request for a place to list job offers for WCMTL participants. While we’re all here it’s a great opportunity for business owners to get together with developers and plan some contracts.

Instead of a giant pad I thought it would be cool to just use the comments on this post to list job offers. So if you’re looking to hire a WP developer, designer, writer or anything else please leave a comment here so those looking for work can get back to you.

Please leave your name, website and if possible a photo of you so people can recognize you at the event. The attendee list has photos of a lot of people based on their Gravatars, and those will also show up next to your comments, so if you don’t have a link to a photo of you make sure you have signed up for a Gravatar so people can find you to talk about the project.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “WordCamp Montreal Job Board

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a Web “doctor” or “mechanic” (your choice) to help tune up my site. Being a novice, I just have the site barely up and running. A few things are still broken (e.g. plug-ins not working properly, theme not customizable …) and a lot still missing (e.g. feature to capture e-mail addresses for sending out newsletters). Anyone interested in putting in a few hours to a few days (all paid for, of course) can contact me at Wordcamp tomorrow or drop me a line on Twitter at @ltwise or let Jeremy know (he knows who am I by now).

    Oh, this message is intended for local Montreal folks only. Sorry, out-of-town guys/gals.


  2. I have a client who needs ongoing support with two WordPress-based sites I put together for him some time ago. Nothing special – very simple theme, hard-coded tri-lingual menus for the whole thing (x2), small sites of about 6 pgs per language. One site uses a nasty old feed aggregator to pull in material from other sites (but all clearly identified). This client may want to move things in a more ambitious direction which would involve more work, but all I know of his needs now are for basic support and incremental improvements. Get in touch ASAP at mboyle at exvisu.com or Twitter @mikelbyl.

  3. Hello,

    I’m project manager for a web marketing company. We sell SEO-like services but everything starts with a fresh, well-designed website.

    What we need:
    Code ninjas! Someone who we can contract for small HTML/PHP jobs all the way to site-wide CMS implementation (WP, Drupal, Joomla).

    This isn’t full-time work (yet) but our projects are time-sensitive. Working from home is ideal but you must show a high degree of care.

    Mes amis francos sont évidement bienvenue.

    Contact: kada@mesli.com



  4. We are looking for wordpress themes guru to help us build with the creation of a custom theme. please contact me at : s.jolicoeur (at) nfb dot ca or via twitter @sjolicoeur.

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