Matt Mullenweg Special Q&A session (and Jane Wells!)


We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening WordCamp Montréal with a special Question and Answers session with Matt Mullenweg, the founder/evil genius behind WordPress, and we want to know what questions you want to hear answered.

Please post your WordPress question (about the past, present or future of WordPress) in the comments on this post. We will put together a list of the best of them (with some help from the peeps at Automattic) for this special session. Thanks for your help!

Jane Wells too?

mcm_0231-840x558 In relatedly excellent news, Jane Wells, another Automattic employee and one of the key minds behind the WP 2.7 usability overhaul and community engagement process will also be at WordCamp Montréal. She’ll be presenting about where WP has come since 2.7 and where its headed in the near future.

We’re flattered to have these two celebrity guests at our event, thanks guys!