Speakers list updated – More Speakers Needed! HALP!

We’ve updated our schedule page with presention and bio details for all the speakers we’ve confirmed so far, including

We need more! Help us fill the schedule with useful talks!

We’re freaking thrilled with the speakers so far and IMHO they’d be a great lineup by themselves, but we have two days to fill and we know there are more great minds who know how to make WP sing coming to the event. We want to learn from you and hear what you’ve learned through your experience with WP. Having as many topics as possible ensures that attendees have lots of selection and can choose what they don’t already know. Even if you think your area of expertise isn’t interesting or that its too ‘easy’ or ‘obvious’ don’t worry. There are people who don’t know anything, and we need to help them get started, just as there are those who know the basics but need help getting off the ground.

If you think you can help your WP neighboors please use the Become A Sponsor application form to propose a presentation and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

For those who are 1337 at WordPress but can’t think of what they can present on please consider picking up one of these topics and just presenting and explanation of how people can do it with WP. Everyone loves an educational seminar and its usually the most valuable kind of talk to attend (also makes you look smart!)

We need presenters for:

  • Running a bilingual site with wordpress/Translation (plugins, translation strategies)
  • Intro to PHP basics for templating (template tags, arguments, using Codex as reference)
  • Advanced templating and design (custom fields, loops, template hierarchy hacks, functions.php)
  • JQuery for design/WP (theme animations/interactivity)
  • Speed/Optimisation seminar (Caching, assessing plugins, optimization plugins, optimizing themes)
  • Intro to Apache/MySQL config (understanding servers, editing config files, using terminal/top/ssh, examples of server tuning)
  • Intro to plugin creation (using custom plugins to clean up themes, releasing plugins)

Thanks to everyone who has applied already and to those will will Apply Now! If you can’t do a talk then we can’t wait for your participation in the presentations and discussions that will be happening at #wcmtl!

*  WPMU explanation + tech + example
* BuddyPress explanation + tech + example
* WordPress Security – tips, tools, stories/examples of being hacked
* Bilingual/Translated sites with WordPress
* Theming seminar (template tags/hierarchy for dummies)
* Speed/optimization seminar (WP side, templates+plugins)
* Intro to apache/mysql config/optimization (i.e. server optimization for wordpress)
* SEO/monetization/promo seminar
* Extending WP with Custom Plugins – tech + examples
* i18n and Translation seminar/explanation
* panel/debate about GPL in WP Plugins and themes (I’d love this on stage with clappometer)