Afterparty on Saturday Night (11th) at St-Sulpice

Details still to be confirmed, but there will be a WordCamp alcohol-drinking evening after the first day of the conference. Our intended venue is St-Sulpice, a huge bar within easy walking distance of the SAT with an even huger outdoor patio that should be able to fit as many of us as we can wrangle. They also have adequate bar food so people can eat there if they want.


1680 rue St-Denis, Montreal, QC
(514) 844-9458
Google Maps Link

[Photo from St-Sulpice website. NOTE: Holy broken flash hell Batman!]

WordCamp talks will probably end around 4:30-5pm, we’ll be meeting at St-Sulpice around 6. Please confirm all details at WordCamp as they may change. Hope to see you there!