Volunteers Wanted: Sign up to help make WordCamp Awesome

Since we announced #wcmtl a few months ago tons of people have asked how they can help or lend a hand. To all those people here’s your chance!

There’s just under a week until WordCamp. We’ve got almost everything worked out to make sure its a smooth ride, but me (Jeremy) and Sylvain are only two people, and we’ll need a lot of help on the actual days.

Volunteer positions we need!

  • Greeters and Helpers: We’re going to need at least two people managing the registration table at all times to make sure people coming in are registered, have their badges and shirts etc. We’ll also be calling on you to help get thigns set up and taken apart as necessary (so hopefully some people will be willing to come in early).  Ideally enough people will offer to help with this that we have too many in case someone needs a break or doesn’t make it. Hopefully everyone at WordCamp will be helpful, but please sign up if you’re interested so I know who you are and that you want to help 🙂
  • Driver: Unfortunately I don’t even have a drivers license, so if someone has a car and is willing to help us move big things around it would be incredibly helpful. We specifically need someone who can pick up the shirts with me from the printer’s on Friday afternoon (1oth) and drop some big stuff off at the venue. It would also be great if anyone can have their car at the event, in case we need to run out and buy something heavy.
  • Videographers: It would be amazing if we had most of the talks from #wcmtl available on WordPress.tv, we don’t have the money to pay a professional so we’re depending on friendly attendees to film things. My roomate is going to be there but the more people the better. If you can bring your camera and tape even a couple of presentations (and put them up on blip.tv after) it would be a huge help. (Photographers: We want you too! We’ll be publicizing our Flickr pool you can add your shots to!)

Sound fun? Most people who are interested will probably fall into the Greeters and Helpers category, you’ll be our ambassadors (great way to make new friends!).

If you’re interested please fill out the form below (it will save the data to a google spreadsheet used only by the event organzers).